EleFamily - the unique publishing software family

Elecat is a member of EleFamily, our unique publishing software family that covers every aspect of product related data:
  • From sophisticated product content management for all types of product related data
  • Via many extremely versatile forms of re-using this detailed product data
  • With various types of product classification, export, import and data exchange in several industry standards
  • To several levels of automatic database publishing - from average office user up to DTP expert level
  • Including several forms of e-business using this product data and product publications

The most important family members

EleFamily comprises of currently about 12 different software products and there are new ones added almost every quarter. Elebase is probably the most important one with EleAIS, Elecat and Elepub to follow closely. We are introducing here only the most important family members and only very briefly. Please refer to the respective product websites for more information. And one more thing: We are a development driven company and therefore our marketing (i.e. making websites) is always late behind, while in most other software houses it's just the other way around.

Elebase Product Content Management System
  • Sophisticated product content management enabling multiple re-use of detailed product data
  • Data classification, data export, data exchange, data collaboration
  • Support for many industry standard formats: eClass, BMEcat, Datanorm, Etim, EldaNorm, UN/SPSC etc.
  • Multi-lingual multimedia product database for any data type and for simple use by product management
  • Interface to the EleAIS web server to publish Elebase content on your website with updating up-to-the-minute
  • Several other EleFamily products are fully integrated into Elebase
EleAIS Article Information System
  • EleAIS extents Elebase onto the Internet and presents the content of Elebase on your website
  • EleAIS is a web application server consisting of the same business logic and data model as Elebase
  • It delivers the latest interactive Ajax web technology with the look and feel of an application in the browser
  • Available as turn-key system with its own Eleserver web server or as a managed server
  • Integrated Elecat e-paper catalogs available re-using paper catalogs for e-business on your website
  • Web server software supporting EleAIS and ElecatServer in answering browser requests
  • Acts autonomously (not Apache or IIS needed) or behind an Apache web server
  • Completely integrated with the application servers (EleAIS or ElecatServer), technically one unit
Elepub Database Publishing System (high-end)
  • Sophisticated high-end database publishing system with several innovative and some unique features
  • Publishes content from Elebase to paper, e-paper, HTML and soon also to Flash
  • Automatically generates pages and entire publications, product catalogs, data sheets, flyers and also web pages
  • Support for highly complex layout structures, tables etc.
  • Direct export to PDF, HTML and soon also to Flash and Elecat
  • Autonomous publishing system without any need for DTP software (although DTP export for colour print available)

EleExxel and ElePricelist Database Publishing for office people

  • Very simple to use, yet highly effective database publishing software for normal office users
  • For automatic every-day publishing of content in Elebase and use by normal office staff
  • Generates price lists, product lists and less complex product catalogs from user-defined layout modules
  • Full integration of MSExcel in EleExxel and additionally also of MSWord in ElePricelist


  • Generates HTML pages and entire product web sites from content in Elebase
  • EleExxel and ElePricelist are fully embedded and deliver the content (optionally also Elepub)
  • Its the cost-effective and simple to use solution for static HTML pages
  • Can deliver static HTML page for use by EleAis and also for distribution by Elecat

Several more products available

We are by far not at the end but we don't want to bug you here with even more details. Please refer to www.EleFamily.net for an overview on all currently and soon available software products.

This drawing shows only the most essential members of EleFamily. The whole 'clan' comprises of several more members.



The whole family

For further details please refer to the other web sites of this unique software family:
Elebase Product Content Management administrates all product data and catalog content for multiple re-use and data exchange
EleAIS Article Information System web server presents Elebase product data and Elecat catalogs on the Internet
Elepub Database Publishing software generates publications and product catalogs for paper, e-paper, HTML, Flash
EleFamily gives you an overview on the other products and links to the other product websites