Elecat 'ApplicationPaper'

'e-paper' is well known today primarily through PDF. However, PDF is quite 'stupid' as it provides no functionalities beyond displaying and printing pages in the PDF reader. And there is no good feasible way to implant and embed PDF into other applications for use in e-business. Also, PDF in the browser is not really a good solution for many reasons.

Elecat 'ApplicationPaper' makes the difference

ApplicationPaper offers menus, links, actions plus behaviour, application logic and database access and therefore substantially more than just displaying pages nicely in a browser.


What is does




We all know links from HTML.

Yes, but not for article numbers

Yes, of course

Links into
The essential feature and precondition for using e-paper catalogs for
e-business. The links are the minimal form of integration into an application software to make use of the e-paper catalogs.
No way Yes, automatically created


Context sensitive menus are placed on page elements like text objects, image etc. The user can choose from these menu items and start some action.




Some actions are invoked when the user clicks on or the mouse hovers over any page element like text objects, image etc. Actions are like an automatically selected menus item. Typical actions are showing related information in another window, showing additional images or mouse over texts or performing anything that could also be part of a menu but without asking the user to make a selection. The user's mouse action IS already the selection that leads automatically to an action.




Behaviour is the generic term for a combination of features, menus and actions, which are invoked conditionally by some event, which occurs when an e-paper page is presented and used or by some external state of the database content. More details below.




Application logic or 'business logic' are the specific rules that are implemented




The contents of a page are enhanced or updated from a database resulting in catalogs that are updated up-to-the-minute.



Elecat 'ApplicationPaper' with behaviour

Here is an example: If a product is part of a special sale this is marked only in the database and if a page showing this product is shown some special for of presenting this product is the 'behaviour' that we mean. This needs no change to the page. All that is needed is a definition of the condition and the behaviour, which is embedded invisibly in the page and which is activated by some external event, in this example some state of a database record.

We are currently not yet fully exploiting the potential of Elecat's 'ApplicationPaper', because we currently still have to rely on PDF as the very 'stupid' input medium. Behaviour becomes soon more important when Elepub generates Flash pages from database content, because Elepub then applies such behaviour automatically to generated pages. Rome wasn't build in a day and neither is the full potential of this new Elecat release 6 exploited from the very beginning.

Therefore, let's first use what you have, your existing PDF catalogs, and in a second step you can then generate new pages and entire catalogs full automatically - for Elecat and also for paper - in Elepub.

Standard plus individual features

Many of these features are supported by the Elecat software or by EleAIS or the other products that incorporate Elecat. And even beyond these standard features it is generally quite easy to add your special requirements to further enhance Elecat.
We are a small and very customer-minded company with a large family of great software and we shall be glad to respond to your requirements.





The whole family

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